Discovering Affordable Gems: Top 10 Affordable Places to Buy Property in the UK

Are you looking to take your first step onto the property ladder or expand your portfolio without breaking the bank? 

The UK offers a variety of cities and towns where you can find budget-friendly properties that won’t drain your savings and will provide a suitable long-term asset.

Here are the top 10 affordable places to buy property in the UK.

Burnley, Lancashire

Average House Price: £142,608

Population: 94,721

Nestled in the heart of Lancashire, Burnley offers a range of affordable housing options. With picturesque countryside nearby and easy access to the larger cities of Manchester and Leeds, it’s an ideal spot for those seeking tranquility without sacrificing connectivity.

Middlesbrough, Teesside

Average House Price: £150,671

Population: 148,215

Located on the banks of the River Tees, Middlesbrough is known for its affordability and strong sense of community. The town has undergone regeneration in recent years, making it an appealing option for budget-conscious homebuyers.

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Average House Price: £172,974

Population: 256,127

Famous for its pottery industry, Stoke-on-Trent offers affordable housing and a rich cultural heritage. The city boasts green spaces, and museums, and sits in the middle of Birmingham and Manchester, an hour’s train ride either way.

Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire

Average House Price: £118,249

Population: 261,149

Hull, often overlooked, is a port city in the North East with a thriving arts and cultural scene, as well as a maritime history. In recent years, there has been somewhat of a tech surge in the city. Affordable housing options are abundant here, and its waterfront developments add to the city’s charm.

Dundee, Scotland

Average House Price: £123,618

Population: 149,680

Scotland’s fourth-largest city, Dundee, is known for its affordability and its burgeoning tech and gaming industry. With a picturesque waterfront and a thriving cultural scene, it’s an attractive destination for property buyers.

Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Average House Price: £179,847

Population: 96,888

Nestled in South Yorkshire, Barnsley offers a blend of urban amenities and rural charm. It’s a budget-friendly choice for those seeking affordable homes in a picturesque, hillside setting.

Swansea, Wales

Average House Price: £197,986

Population: 246,217

Overlooking Swansea Bay, this coastal city in Wales combines affordability with stunning natural beauty. You can enjoy the beach, lush parks, and a thriving arts and culture scene, all while finding reasonably priced properties.

Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

Average House Price: £166,175

Population: 275,506

Located on the northeast coast, Sunderland offers affordable housing and a strong sense of community. The city’s redeveloped waterfront and cultural attractions make it a hidden gem for property buyers.

Blackpool, Lancashire

Average House Price: £159,372

Population: 140,900

Famous for its iconic seaside attractions, Blackpool is an affordable coastal town in Lancashire. With its world-renowned Pleasure Beach, illuminations, and stunning seafront, it’s a unique place to find reasonably priced properties, whether for a seaside getaway or investment.

Preston, Lancashire

Average House Price: £168,378

Population: 147,617

In the heart of Lancashire, Preston offers budget-friendly housing options and excellent transport links. The city is known for its historic architecture, parks, and vibrant arts scene.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an investor, these budget-friendly locations provide a chance to own property without a prohibitive price tag. 

Keep in mind that while these cities are known for their affordability, it’s essential to research thoroughly and consult with local real estate experts before making any property investments. Happy house hunting!