The financial platform for saving, lending and borrowing between close friends and family.

The Trust Network

Pardna with your most trusted social group. Close friends and family are your social network of trust

Secure and Safe

We provide a secure platform for your Pardna. Enhanced security via Open Banking keeping your account safe

Low Fees

We charge a low fee on payouts for the ease of use and value added benefits of using the Pardna platform

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Pardna - rotating savings and credit for the mobile age
Pardna mobile

The World's Trusted Way To Save And Lend Money is based on one of the oldest financial systems in history; rotating savings and credit. This system is used the world over and is known by many names, but the basic operation is the same. A group of individuals come together to make repeated contributions and withdrawals to and from a common fund. Here at you can conduct your group's saving, lending and borrowing on a secure platform that makes the whole process easy!