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Generate a financial boost and reach saving goals via the collective community of friends and family.

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The traditional money system from the past, made new for the future

Pardna App is based on the “pardna” money saving system, introduced to the UK by people from the Caribbean and Africa, and then passed down to the generations to come.

Access funds much cheaper at a very low cost

Whether it’s for a trip back home, birthday treat or an unexpected bill, short term loans are expensive and can sometimes keep you in a cycle of debt or lead to more problems. By comparison, Pardna App makes it simple for close familial groups to access super low cost funds.
Help others while being helped just like they did back in the day.

Reach your saving goals

It’s hard to save up alone. But with Pardna App and the communal power of those close to you, the abiility to save up significant amounts becomes easier.
And the satisfaction when your draw hits your account is unmatched!

Get your finances in shape

Pardna App helps you to be committed and responsible with your saving and spending. Escape the cycle of debt by unlocking the power of the collective.
When everyone is dedicated and patient, we will all rise together.