Pardna at the Bank of England

Pardner Hand a Caribbean Answer to British Banking Exclusion

On 22nd June 2023 Pardna was invited to the launch of the Bank of England Museum’s new exhibition, “Pardner Hand: A Caribbean answer to British banking exclusion”.

The exhibition was curated in association with Museumand National Caribbean Heritage Museum, and explores the history of how Caribbean people in the UK were denied access to basic banking services and so turned to the trusted system they knew and practiced back home – the communal savings system we call pardna.

This exhibition will be on site at the museum for one year, and we are pleased to be featured in one of the panels as the exhibit discusses the digital future of pardna.

Pardner Hand Exhibition
Bank of England’s Pardner Hand Exhibition

We recommend a visit in person, the museum is in the same building as the Bank of England. The museum entrance is on Bartholomew Lane, London EC2R 8AH. You can also explore the exhibition online via the Bank of England Museum’s website.